About the Foundation

Mr. Stillman first established the Foundation in 1938. Its threefold purpose is as follows:

  1. To maintain the Wethersfield House and formal gardens and the Carriage House Museum at Wethersfield for visits by the general public and Wethersfield Farm for open space, scenic enjoyment, and for conservation purposes.
  2. To conduct and direct the cultural, religious, and intellectual activities of the Homeland Foundation, Inc. as well as the independent Wethersfield Institute, founded separately by Mr. Stillman in 1986.
  3. To coordinate projects, seminars, retreats, and colloquies that foster the Roman Catholic faith and especially those that strengthen the unity of the Catholic community in the United States. To organize educational initiatives geared to promote Christian Culture…to encourage projects that address questions touching Christian life, especially major questions of philosophy, theology, political science and sociology.