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Press Release – Sept. 9, 2015 – 

Father Koterski, Chair of the Homeland Foundation Board of Trustees, joins his fellow Trustees in extending a warm welcome to the Foundation’s new Trustees:

Mr. Peter Budnik, Dr. Noelle Langan, M.D., Mr. Gerald Russello. Esq. and Ms. Tara Shafer.

Mr. Budnik is an Architect based in the greater Milwaukee area and has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame.  He is a grandson of Mr. Chauncey Stillman.

Dr. Langan is a cardiologist based in Manhattan and is an Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Both of her parents have given lectures for the Wethersfield Institute in the past.

Mr. Russello is a partner in the New York office of an international business law firm and an adjunct professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.  He is also a Christopher Dawson scholar, the famed English Catholic historian..

Ms. Shafer holds a Masters from Columbia University. She has taught at Marist College and is a writer whose work has appeared in Psychology Today and the New York Times among other outlets.  She is a granddaughter of Mr. Stillman. 


Wethersfield in Spring of 2015 plans to undertake plantings of disease resistant American Chestnut Trees and Elm Trees.
These trees were long part of the local habitat before succumbing to blight and disease. Wethersfield will plant beginning trees on a small, manageable scale with the plan
to eventually transplant to other sites on the property and/or alternatively making trees available to other conservation minded locations in the nearby region.

Wethersfield is undertaking to provide detailed naming of all major plants and species in the 3 acres of Italianate Gardens (adjacent to the Main House) to enhance the experience of visitors
and enable them to find the species in their own local areas if they wish to cultivate specific plants. Completion expected by the start of summer 2015.

Wethersfield will provide a small exhibit near the garden and greenhouse area to show the proper techniques for contour farming and soil conservation. It is intended to provide a hands-on experience for visitors.