Carriage House Museum at Wethersfield

Mr. Stillman was an accomplished equestrian who later in life focused on Carriage driving. He amassed one of the leading Carriage Collections on the East Coast and the Collection is distinguished by the museum quality of the Carriages. The Carriage House Museum at Wethersfield contains an impressive display of the Carriages as well as displays of all the supporting equipment: harnesses, riding boots, accessories, banners, trophies, etc. all amassed over the distinguished career of Mr. Stillman.
Moreover, the Carriage House Museum was wonderfully updated and restored and has wonderful acoustics and meeting space in the center of the Museum. In fact, Bard College amongst other groups has held memorable concerts and recitals in the museum. In addition, the Carriage House Museum has been the site for a number of seminars and colloquies on such topics as Conservation, Wetlands, Land Easements, etc. all in the spirit of Mr. Stillman’s focus on organic farming, conservation, and back to the land focus that he personally championed long before these concepts became popular in the last quarter of the 20th century.
As seen below, the reader will see a variety of photos showing Mr. Stillman driving various of his Carriages over the years, often on the many trails that covered the two square miles of the Wethersfield Estate.