Conservation Information

Mr. Stillman had a life long passion in land conservation, proper stewardship of the land, organic farming methods, as well as maintaining a rural environment in a section of New York State located about 90 miles North of Manhattan. Given the land topography and the evolution of the highway system, the area has remained quite rural. The family farms of the past have given way to horse farms and larger parcel land ownership so that population density has remained quite low.
Mr. Stillman maintained a low profile but was one of the major forces behind the establishment of land conservancy in Dutchess County New York. In fact, prior to his death in 1989, Mr. Stillman granted a land conservation easement over his entire land holdings to a national land conservancy. In 2014, the Dutchess Land Conservancy successfully took over the conservation easement from the original holder so that there is now local stewardship of the easement that Mr. Stillman so presciently granted over 30 years ago.