Rural Farming Information

Mr. Stillman believed strongly in the necessity and dignity of work and remaining in concert with the land. To that end, he became good friends with a Mgsr Ligutti who championed the rural movement in America. Mgsr Ligutti was instrumental in the Granger Homesteads project of 1933 where he secured a loan from the Federal Subsistence Homesteads Division. The project settled 50 families of coal miners on 2 to 8 acre plots of land. The project was successful in getting families off relief within 3 years. The success of the project was recognized by a visit from Eleanor Roosevelt and acknowledged as one of the greater successes of the New Deal’s community projects.
Mgsr Ligutti eventually formed a friendship with Mr. Stillman and Mr Stillman was quite supportive of Mgsr Ligutti’s work. In fact, Mr. Stillman bought a house in the outskirts of Rome and enabled to Mgsr Ligutti to live there and direct his activities from the house.